All subcontractors are required to confirm with the health and safety at works etc. act and all other current safety legislation statutory instruments, codes of practice and health and safety executive’s guidance notes relating to construction works.

In addition, further safety measures required by  AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT are contained in the MLTC safety manual, a copy of which is a for reference on site. Wherever necessary subcontractors must refer to and comply with the requirements of this manual

THE  AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT regards the requirements & regulations as a minimum standard to be maintained for the betterment of all works people on this site. Sub-contractors are required to ensure that equipment, plant, tools etc. provided and all working methods adopted under contract are to be a slandered no less that the requirements of all the legislation, to achieve a safety and pleasant workplace for all concerned.

The obligations of subcontractors include but are not limited to compliance with these and the following requirements. Accordingly, the site will be inspected by the MUHAJAR HSE advisor who may advise on safety matters and AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT.. Reserve the right to suspend any employees who are in breach of this code of practice.

  • A copy of
  • safety meetings may be held on site at regular intervals to discuss the safety working of the contract and matters raised at safety committee.
  • Induction courses may be he\d and al\ new personnel to the site must attend the first available
  • Where necessary a permit to work system will be operated and all subcontractors will be expected to work to work within the.

The subcontractors must ensure that all accidents are reported to the AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT. Construction/ site Engineer.

Before commencing any excavation, the subcontractors will refer to the main contractor in order to ascertain the presence of known underground service.

It is essential that atl subcontractors engage in works involving excavations, adopt a routine which will ensure that no excavation is left exposed at any time without suitable and proper means of support and in addition, site traffic and personnel are advised by prominent visual wearing signs

And barriers restricting traffic and personnel to authorized routes.


It is the policy of the AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT.. Those persons who operate dumpers and fork trucks on our sites are competent to do so. Therefore, drivers are to be properly licensed and documentary evidence of training provided. Where evidence of training is unavailable. The skill of the driver is to be formally assessed on site in accordance with AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT.

Dumpers and fork trucks are to display the following signs in prominent positions, or signs

with similar works:


AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT.regulations for the control of substances hazardous to health become effective as from 1“. January, 1992. To ensure that the requirements are beings met, subcontractors are required to provide copies of assessments made and the measures they will undertake for the control of any substance hazardous health which is intended for use on, or in, any of our works.

The assessments must identify:-

  1. The type of material or substance
  2. The nature of the risk to health
  3. The control measures to be performed
  4. Details of any necessary protective clothing or requirement
  5. The provisions for ventilation or exhaust extraction

The assessment is to be submitted to the client site manager prior to commencement of work


AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT.are to ensure that the requirements of the regulations are complied with by their own employees and those if any employed by MLTC. In particular subcontractors are to make formal assessment for noise levels generated by their operations and are to advise AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT. site    Manager of the results of such assessments.

Where the assessment indicates that the 1st. action level , as defined in the above reflections may be exceeded, i.e. 85 DB AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT .are to issue suitable hearing protection to persons who request it. Where possible the noise levels must be reduced source as far as is reasonably practical.

Where the assessment indicates the 2″d. Action level, i.e. 90dB (A) lep’d may be exceeded, subcontractors in addition to those actions previously defined, are to establish hearing protection zones in agreement with the  AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT manager are to display suitable wearing s sign identify the zones. Atl operatives exposed to noise levels above the 2″^. Action levels are to be ensuring that the hearing protection is correctly used and worn.

Subcontractors are to ensure their operatives and those of their Subcontractors comply with any

hearing protection zones or rules established by the AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT


The objective of the journey management systems to create awareness in aft company personnel of the necessity to think about the need to travel in the first place and to provide guidelines concerning the planning and safe execution of these journeys.

Firstly all  Subcontractors must be aware of the objectives of minimizing total vehicle mileage commensurate with operational objectives. Further all the Subcontractors road users are trained and instructed to ensure that they are fully aware of the safety regulations and understand the importance of safety procedures. AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT is to be informed of any movement of Subcontractors vehicles on AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT work. Vehicles are to the driving rules and regulations particularly relevant to driving in the interior are:

  1. Speed limit 80km/hr. or less to suit road conditions.
  2. Headlights on at all times traveling on graded roads
  3. Obey all road signs
  4. Obey dust code
  5. Seatbelt must be worn
  6. No night driving on graded road
  7. All drivers must have valid Omani driving license

Full journey management policy and procedures is available upon request, this only outline some of the main point.


Familiarity and overconfidence are at times reflected in stupid and dangerous practices not least of which is using unauthorized and unsuitable equipment, plant and tools for purposes of convenience, therefore, the Subcontractors is to ensure that his work people employ the proper tools, plant and equipment for the job in hand and that they make no unauthorized use or adoption of plant, tools and equipment for any reason.

No tar or bitumen boilers are to be left unattached at any time whilst the burners are alright, Suitable means for extinguishing fire is to be provided alongside the boilers for use in the event of emergency.


Whilst is no way exhaustive, this safety code has been prepared to outline some important points of responsibility and good practice for the safety and health of work people. It is equally important that the Subcontractors shall at all times instill in all concerned a sense of duty and awareness concerned a sense on matters which are for the most part common sense.

It is also essential that subcontractors take into account the need for good labor relations and show due consideration to others, all of whom have the same interest in an endeavor to provide a workplace as free of hazard as practicable.

The safety code will also apply to any subcontractor engaged by subcontractor carrying out work on this project.

If the storage or use of such materials or processes involve special or particular certification, and or inspection by an offer of the municipality acting under any legislation and / or status, then this information.


AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT .operations involve the installation or removal of asbestos insulation or coating are required to hold a current license issued by municipality, which must be available for inspection immediately upon request. Operatives required working with asbestos

And coating is to have had a medical examination within the previous 2 years. Failure to comply with this requirement in full result in the immediate suspension of the operation concerned. All relevant regulations and codes of practice must be complied with.


This site or certain areas of this site will be described as a “Hard hat” area. Within that requirement the subcontractor is to provide his operatives with safety helmets and adopt a procedure to ensure they are worn at all times. Operatives who refuse to comply with this requirement are to be removed from the site. In addition, subcontractors are to ensure that their employees are provided with all other safety equipment, harnesses, goggles, masks and the like, clothing, suitable footwear etc. and to ensure it’s full and proper used.


Scaffolding and any other plant or equipment which may be erected and/or installed and which under the terms and conditions of the subcontractors may have entitlement for common use whilst it remains in position, must prior to use by subcontractors work people, be examine by his safety officer / safety supervisor to ensure that such scaffolding, plant and / or equipment is suitable and safe for his work people to perform their duties.

Prior to erection of any scaffolding by the subcontractors, he wills advises the AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT Adviser.

Notwithstanding responsibility for inspections and maintenance of scaffolds who remain with the subcontractors.

Scaffolding over 5 meters high may only be erected, altered or dismantled by scaffold-er who hold a scaffolds training record card.


Those accidents which are defined as major injury by reporting of injuries, diseases, and reported

immediately the AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT  adviser and or site engineer.

Major injuries Accidents must be reported immediately to the Head office with full written report within 7 days (rev 1/86)

Similar action must be taken when a modifiable dangerous occurrence take place Any injury, other than a major injury, which results in a operative being absent for one day including weekends must be reporting.

Lifting Applications & Over
  • lifting appliances and gear must have current test certificates available for inspection by the MLTC site staff or AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT Adviser. With this in mind, the subcontractor should ensure that the certificates are held by the driver or operator of the machine. Any appliances or gear which do not comply the Any appliances or gear which do not comply Regulations must not be delivered to site. It should be noted that certain excavators are classed as lifting appliances and must conform to the requirements of current legislation.
  • Overhead and other obstructions occurred for many reasons but can always be Therefore, immediately prior to commencing any works on this site the AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT. LLC Authorized representative is to examine the means of access and the working area to satisfy himself and to ensure that any such obstructions have been considered and taken into account.

The AL MUHAJAR LINE TRD. & CONT  is required to give 7 days’ clear notice to the client Construction manager in advance of delivery of any materials and provide information I respect of any processes to be used in the works which produce toxic, flammable or explosive conditions, or which may give rise to noxious emission into the atmosphere and provide written evident to state precaution which the subcontractors will adopt to ensure the safety and comfort of the site workforce, third parties and the work premises and prevent the possibility of fire hazard.