A shortlist of candidates within one or two weeks

(depending on the volume of the requirements):

¨ Interview and Pre – qualified.¨ Shortlisted Candidates meet a minimum of 8 point out of 10 point as follows KHAT AL MUHAJAR TRD & CONT CV form.
¨ The shortlisted candidates will be available for a face to face or webcam/phone interviews.
¨ Once selected, the candidates will be available for a maximum period of 30-60 days.
¨ The candidates will complete the medical examinations, police clearances, passport application/renewal (if any) within a maximum period of six weeks.
¨ Upon receipt of the accreditation / registration documents (if they are in compliance to the format prescribed by KHAT AL MUHAJAR TRD & CONT will complete the registration of the Clients at the Ministry of Labour and Employment of Bangladesh within 2-3 working days.
¨ Upon receipt of the working visas and assuming that the Employer is already registered at the Ministry of Labour and Employment of Bangladesh, KHAT AL MUHAJAR TRD & CONT will complete the Ministry of Labour and Employment of Bangladesh Administration processing of the selected candidates within 3-5 working days after which, flight reservations can be made for the candidates.


To recruit Bangladeshi Workers, your company needs to be accredited to KHAT AL MUHAJAR TRD & CONT with the list of regulatory documents which need to be attested at the Official Authorities or Bangladesh Embassy closest to your location. Once completed, post your attested documents to us for accreditation at Ministry of Labour and Employment, Bangladesh.

Regulatory Documents :

(to be signed and stamped on your company letterhead):

1. Job order
2. Special Power of Attorney
3. Sample Employment Contract
4. Recruitment Agreement
5. Commercial Registration (legally translated into English if needed)